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Our definition of an "Elegant" Web Application

 Visually attractive

 Easy to figure out

 Helps people complete thier tasks quickly and paintlessly

 The right amount of functionality but no more - to empower without confusing


Your web application works well enough, but:

/ People comment that specific functions prove troublesome or confusing.

/ You are not seeing the expected cost savings or revenues.

/ Web analytics reports show that upon reaching certain pages visitors abandon your site in droves.

/ Over time, so many new sections and menus have been added that users get lost on your site.

We can help address the biggest problems with the smallest possible investments

Typical engagements run from 2 to 6 weeks at $3K to $50K.

If your site is due for a major overhaul… Or you need to build a web application from scratch

/ Your users complain or silently stop using a system that's slow and cumbersome.

/ Performance and security glitches are frequent. (No wonder, considering the number of patches added since version 1.0.0.)

/ Each minor change is time consuming—and ridiculously expensive.

/ Off-the-shelf software cannot solve your problem.

We can help refine your thinking, produce a blueprint and build an elegant, user-focused system

Typical engagements take 3 to 6 months at $50K to $500K+.

Usability and consulting services:

One-Page Redesign

Let's target one problematic page on your site: (also a good way to test our services before committing to a larger project) Choose a significant page in the task flow of your users. Possibly an order page that nobody uses? Or a cluttered list of documents that only you and your staff can figure out? 

We'll evaluate the page, strategize a solution, and propose a redesign. We'll even show you to how to track the difference in user response after our team has rebuilt your page. (A natural side effect of increased functionality, elegant design and our user-centric approach.)

2–3 weeks. $3K

Competitive bench marking

We will evaluate how your web offerings compare to those of your competitors and similar systems in other industries.

2–4 weeks. From $10K.

Web application design and development:

Blueprint design

Would you say that… your site's been updated, patched and re-designed too many times, by too many people? Today, it proves—at best—an inconsistent experience for your users. Each add-on added confusion, reducing convenience. Or maybe the site has not been tampered with, but does not meet the current needs of your business. Or maybe you need to build a complicated custom web application from scratch.

We'll reconcile your business targets with the needs of your users—without micro-managing details that are bound to change. Our specialists will translate your business targets into a blueprint: a set of documents, templates and plans. It will unite everybody—from your staff to our designers and developers—to move towards one goal. This will give you a great foundation to run the actual development project.

6–8 weeks. From $25K.

Four-Month Custom Web Project

In 120 days, we can produce an online solution that addresses your critical objectives. A collaborative effort between your team and ours will produce a fully functional core system addressing a specific priority of your business.

4 months. $100–$500K+.

Websites with poorly designed usability eventually fail

Many web applications—even the ones that serve millions of people—suffer from poor, inconvenient design. These businesses may still turn a profit—for a while. Inevitably, a smarter competitor builds a web application that serves their users better.

This need not happen to you…

We apply user-focused principles to design and build an elegant online experience—a system with your business objectives as the foundation, satisfied users as the goal.

FACT: Satisfied users result in higher revenues with less overhead.

If people find your web-application easy to use, they'll continue to use it. They will not bother your call center. They'll rarely have need to complain. They won't go to the competition.

Consider how much stress administrative troubles cause. Why not put entire sections of your business on auto-pilot?

We provide both design and development services, anchoring creative ideas to real-world possibilities.

Once we decide upon a practical approach, we'll apply the latest technologies to meet or exceed the proposed goals.

That said, we specialize in a specific technology platform: Microsoft .Net. This focus allows us to achieve mastery. Instead of 100 lines of code, we'll use 30. Pages will work faster. Maintenance becomes cheaper. Refinements, time-savingly simple. Gaping security holes that threaten your web systems, become history.

Our Adaptive Methodology allows us to address changing requirements and shifting business priorities. This process has worked for small start-up situations, as well as multimillion-dollar development projects. Our Adaptive Methodology enables us to commit to "impossible" deadlines no one else will touch.

Our services are focused on custom web applications

We can also help you through our network of partners in the user experience industry to…

Run Laboratory Testing for Usability

Here you can assemble a focus group—representatives of your website's audience. The lab will, one-on-one, watch them go through different scenarios with your current application to see where problems arise. The team analyzes the findings and suggests improvements.

Determine Measurable Success Indicators

You would work with specialists who'd implement a customized system to track conversion and adoption rates for your application. First, you see the level of return you currently receive from your site. Next, you decide what you expect the new system to achieve for your business.

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