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Our usability philosophy: We focus on user needs in every application we build

Have you come across web applications that require you to…

…waste time searching toolbars, FAQs and help menus for one little feature?

…navigate through extra five pages and 10 mouse clicks to get what you need?

…to type the same information over and over again?

…start from scratch because one inadvertent click lost all your work?

People will hate your web application for that. And it hurts your business.

Our Usability Philosophy: We focus on the user's needs in every web application we build. We believe a user-focused approach determines whether your website will be a profitable asset to your business or… a horrible waste of money.

We believe that Elegant web design is the secret to an enjoyable user experience.

To us, Elegant means…

 Visually attractive without the clutter of useless design elements.

 Easy to figure out—no need for a hefty manual. Focused on helping you complete your work, without distractions.

 Built with the right amount of functionality—to empower you without confusing you.

 Frictionless—unnecessary steps removed (or invisibly taken care of).

* This translates into a web application that responds fast, is easy to navigate, and handles your tasks without exposing its complicated innards.

Elegance  Happy user experience  Higher conversion/adoption rate  Maximised return for your web project

We believe that both upfront thinking and an adaptive approach are required.

Many web projects fail to deliver results. Two common mistakes (on opposite sides of the scale) that cause this…

1) Web projects fail because they try to define every minute detail upfront. They push forward assuming that the concept you agreed to at the beginning of the project is perfect. They think it will not need alterations as the project unfolds. They are confident that since they have signatures from every department, they know it all now.

Then it comes as a surprise when, at the last minute, people say, "Hey, this is NOT what we meant!" Or, "Sorry, there is this new law. So now it should do X instead of Y."

Budgets are blown. Staff must work 80-hour weeks trying to meet the deadline (and fail).

2) Or, there is not enough upfront thinking about project vision, measurable business objectives and user experience. The web application is defined on a very high level. Priorities are not assigned and it is mandated that "everything is a must." Development ends up being driven by technology needs only.

Everyone interprets what that "everything" means differently. It becomes impossible to reconcile the project course with real and current business needs.

Here's Our Middle-Path Solution To Your Development Needs: We use an Adaptive (agile) methodology to address these challenges. We do not jump into coding without thinking it through. But we do not spend time and money on all tiny things that are bound to change. We start with a "light" blueprint for the application. It prioritizes your needs and defines an elegant, consistent user experience.

FACT: It's impossible to meet all the possible needs and demands of each user. So what to do? First, focus on those tasks that your most important users use everyday. Then, once that is set, think about those features that someone might need someday.

We build web applications in a rapid succession of fixed-length "cycles". You get your first look at a working system (not just a bunch of nice-looking documents!) within 6-8 weeks. That's when people start paying attention and can tell us what they really need. We reconcile your feedback with the project vision and success metrics—and develop the next version. Rinse and repeat.

This process continues. Each cycle typically takes a few weeks. Each subsequent version is based on the most current understanding of your priorities and needs. The end product is therefore in line with what you really need now and what people will use.

We have used this process in small start-up situations, as well as multimillion-dollar development projects. This process has enabled us to commit to "impossible" deadlines no one else would touch.

We believe in focusing on projects which get the most benefit from our specialized expertise.

There are a great many kinds of web-related projects. We sit down and invest time together with you to get an in-depth understanding of your situation. It's the only way to really understand your needs—to ensure that BonaSource is a good fit for your particular project. If not, we'll help you find the right vendor.

Are you our dream client?

We believe that well-organized communication and collaboration is critical.

We've developed our own user-focused tools to take care of mundane (but important) project management tasks. People are not drones, with the time to waste. People cannot process 200 emails a day or read 100-page obscure description of complicated functionality and quickly provide meaningful feedback. We know traditional email exchanges and phone conversations do not work well for managing a complex project like building a custom web application.

What often happens is beautiful (and over complicated) project plans, and fancy change management templates and procedures are mandated. Then when the project slams into the first obstacle and starts to slip, plans and procedures are quickly abandoned because people cannot keep up with work at hand.

Instead, we have custom-tailored online tools which support the creative process for both of us. All project details, milestones, to-do lists, and specifications are kept online on our project extranet. Each team member can view and comment right there, without a rigmarole of download/save/upload/version mix-up. People do creative work instead of trying to manually track status of a hundred little things and recall the latest decision about something scattered among a dozen emails. Change management happens automatically with the use of our project extranet website built on wiki technology.

Our Issue Tracker system helps the team to stay tuned to important developments without becoming overwhelmed with emails. It's clear who is responsible for a particular task. You can easily review logs of what's gone on.

We believe in the power of technology—and in hiding the complexity from users.

You can design a nice looking system. Yet if it's slow, full of security holes and expensive to maintain, your project will not be successful.

That's why we specialize in one specific technology platform (Microsoft .Net). In fact, as a Microsoft Gold Partner we've built multimillion-dollar custom .Net systems for the .Net inventor itself—Microsoft Corporation.

We work hard to maintain and accumulate expertise in a broad set of technologies and best practices on AJAX, SOAP, security, scalability, localization and many more. This ensures our creativity and design capabilities are in sync with what can be developed efficiently. This means that your user experience is improved while your application stays simple and cheaper to maintain.

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