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Making a strategy work involves more skill than the work of strategy making

Our inspired team of individuals…

For your web-application to succeed, close collaboration between a team of experts from different disciplines in necessary.

Despite different backgrounds, we share a passion for improving people's lives with web technology. We believe that only web applications designed and built with a focus on people using them can save money and generate new income for your organization.

Here are the roles we play in a typical web project for our clients:

Architects and Visionaries

who translate your business objectives and strategies into tangible plans and elegant web pages.


who combine visual aesthetics, ease of use—and cost of ongoing maintenance (Have you ever wondered what it costs to make updates to some of those beautiful websites built in Flash?)

Business Analysts

who help distill your ideas, identifying the most important needs of your users. We scrutinize each need and each user task to consider the consequences from various angles: user experience, business targets, performance, cost and time to build. We work with you to find the right balance in devising the web solution

Project Managers

who keep the team true to the original vision while remaining flexible enough to work with new feedback and ideas. We help all team members focus on the most important tasks (meeting deadlines never proves a problem) with as little manual work and hassle as possible.


who, from the moment we first sit down to discuss your project, will help analyse your needs and propose the most appropriate technical means to meet them. (And no, the newest or the coolest technology is not always the best answer).
We perform technological wizardry—find the best way to implement a solution, while keeping it simple to update, as inexpensive to change as possible (you WILL end up changing it. Maybe in a year or two—or maybe in a month!).

System Testers

who use automated tools as well as human thoroughness to ensure your web application works as planned. Who check that we have properly secured it against vandals and malicious hackers. Who test it with thousands of records of data to ensure it works fast enough for real world tasks and delivers the promised user experience.

We specialize in custom web applications that achieve measurable business results:

Whether your website needs to be…

Or you may need a new custom web site…

Fine-tuned to increase ease of use, speed, reduce cost of maintenance or any other alterations that make life easier for you and your users.

Redesigned to satisfy the current needs of your users or handle new objectives for your business.

Envisioned, designed and built from scratch to handle the unique needs of your business, realize cost savings and generate additional revenue.

How we go from an in-depth understanding of your business goals to creating a system with visual appeal, great usability and bottom-line efficiency?

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business strategy, vision and expected results.

Next we apply creativity alongside usability best practices to design a blueprint for an elegant web application. (Great user experience leads to great business results!)
To us, an elegant web-application is…

  • Visually attractive—without distracting the reader or making content difficult to read.
  • Easy to figure out (no manuals necessary).
  • Focused on helping people complete their tasks quickly, painlessly.
  • Built with the right amount of functionality—and no more (our simple secret to empowering you without confusing you). We use our technical expertise to build what has been designed. This rarely proves as simple as it sounds…

Business leaders agree:

Making a strategy work involves more skill than the work of strategy-making.

Execution takes much longer and involves more people, than planning your strategy. We have a unique approach for handling this challenge.

We'll apply our Adaptive Methodology to your project—a unique approach that allows us to address new issues as the application evolves.

Key factors to successfully execute your project in a timely manner

  • Your Project Vision
  • Your vision remains our anchor. We build the web application around your business goals. In other words, we will not sacrifice vision for ease of coding.
  • Ongoing Communication
  • Constant dialogue between the client, the analysts, the developers and the users ensures that the final product corresponds to what you need now, not 6 months ago.
  • Focused on Real-World Tasks
  • We focus on "user stories" (the actual tasks completed by people using your application). We focus first on how to perform real-world tasks with the highest amount efficiency and ease—then we figure out buttons and menus.
  • A Working System Delivered Fast
  • You'll see your web application well in advance of project completion. We'll then fine-tune it based on real-world feedback (much better than relying on diverging interpretations of complicated abstract technical documents written in dry language).
  • Measurable Success Indicators
  • You'll decide, with our guidance, what are the desired results. We will implement tools for you to monitor these indicators so that your decisions are grounded in reality, not just subjective guesswork.
  • Our Custom-Tailored Online Tools
  • They support the creative process while taking care of mundane administrative tasks.

Let's setup an initial consultation to talk about the challenges you face. If we find that we'll work well together, our team will commit to deliver on your vision and business goals.

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